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Day 03 - April 20, 2012

Thunder Bay - Regina

overcast 6 °C

Munching on licorice in the car, apparently our only source of entertainment.

So day three consisted of driving, driving and MORE driving! We started the day off at 5:00am again, and hit a time zone change west of Thunder Bay near the Manitoba border, gaining an hour. The first few hours of the drive were similar to the drive to Thunder Bay- lots of tall trees, rocks, and hilly bends.

As soon as we got into Manitoba it seemed as though the landscape changed immediately. The road extended straight and flat, with a speed limit increase to 110km/hour, which was certainly in our favour considering our heavy feet [sorry Mom and Dad......no tickets yet, knock on wood!]

During our trip across Manitoba we established a few things including:

- the farmers out here need to invest in robotic tractor drivers because their fields are hypnotic
- never try to run away from home because you literally can't hide, you could watch a dog run forever
- gas made it's way to $1.49 / ltr, wowza
- never ever ever EVER decide to live in Manitoba. Ever.

At the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan we hit another time zone, resulting in the longest.day.ever. We finally made it to Regina around 6:00pm (8:00pm Ontario time) where we had a B&B set up for us. On our way through town we spotted a sweet can't-not-stop-and-check-it-out store called the Prairie Summit Shop (North Face Gear, totally check it out if you are going through Regina!) What a great stop! We met some new friends with lots of enthusiasm toward our trip. The store clerk Erika thought our adventure was pretty cool, we're excited to possibly meet up with her on our way back through Regina and end our trip with a bang! She gave us many add-ons to our list of things to see/do while we are out west, thanks girl!

Eventually we made it to the B&B where we dropped off our stuff and took a walk around town. We finally got to sleep in past 4:30am, which was GLORIOUS, especially considering the fact that a massive bacon and eggs breakfast was waiting for us upstairs the next morning :) Thank you to Darlene and family for being so welcoming and informative! Check out Rise N Shine B&B if you're looking for a place to stay in Regina!

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Day 02 - April 19, 2012

Gallivanting around Thunder Bay

sunny 4 °C

Terry Fox lookout - Thunder Bay Ontario
At the Cascades Conservation Area

Rather than waking up and hitting the road, Emma and I decided to spend two nights in Thunder Bay, this allowed us to take a break from driving and visit our friend Anna from high school.

Anna and her friends gave us an extensive tour of the main attractions and hidden gems of Thunder Bay. We started the day off at a diner called 'The Thunder Bay Restaurant' where Denyse the owner doubled as the chef and waitress- she was hilarious! She sat with us at our table to take our orders, and then one by one prepared the meals and hollered our names from the kitchen so we could collect our breakfast, we thought this was quite entertaining! As we left the diner, Denyse said to us "now remember guys, we have the best prices, amazing food, the worst service, and the most profanities, so don't forget to stop on by again!" - HAHA!

If you ever pass through Thunder Bay, stop by Denyse's 'Thunder Bay Restaurant' for some good laughs and great food!

After breakfast, Anna took us to many interesting places including:

- the 'Terry Fox Lookout': a beautiful Terry Fox monument overlooking Lake Superior and Thunder Bay
- the Cascades Conservation Area: fast rapids with flat rocks to picnic on
- Mission Island: filled with domesticated deer that you can feed by hand
- 'The King Fisher': an old beached shipwreck that you can climb on and explore
- Lakehead University: a beautiful Northern Ontario University that Anna and her friends attend

We finished the day off with a good dinner and lots of socializing, thank you Anna and friends for welcoming us and giving us a grand tour of the beautiful city of Thunder bay!

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Day 01 - April 18 2012

Trent Hills to Thunder Bay

all seasons in one day 0 °C


The first day of our journey was anything but ordinary!

Emma and I departed Trent Hills before the sun rose, and arrived in Thunder Bay much after the sun set. It took us a total of 17 hours, 1450 km, 3 Tim's stops, multiple pop-a-squats, and 4 gas refills! The weather constantly changed as we made our way to North-Western Ontario. For 3 hours we drove through an intense blizzard, stretching from Wawa to Terrace Bay- many massive hills and winding roads with no snow plows in sight...HAZARDOUS!

Despite the crazy weather, we had a great drive- telling stories, reading magazine articles aloud, shuffling our iPods, planning adventures, and constantly eating snacks.

Our friend Anna from high school was kind enough to let us crash at her place for the 2 nights we spent in Thunder Bay until our journey across Canada continues. Stay tuned!

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